About Tara Baker

Tara Baker is the principal and owner of TARA BAKER, a design firm that specializes in renovation strategies and real estate acquisition. As a Certified Interior Designer with a degree in architecture, Tara has over sixteen years of experience in construction, real estate, and interior and architectural design. She holds a BA of Arts in Architecture from Miami University, is a Certified Interior Designer and is also a LEED Accredited Professional.

Tara takes pride in being able to realize and execute each client’s vision from concept to completion in the most economical and tailored approach possible. She believes that a “Successful design is about identifying the unique intersection of function and aesthetics for each project.”

Tara Baker resides in San Francisco, California, yet continuously travels to be inspired by design.

About the team

Mariana Mijangos

Mariana joins the Tara Baker team as an intern to utilize her urban architecture skills. As a candidate for a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Mariana has learned to integrate critical, artistic, and material approaches to the study and practice of architecture. The unique environment of the city functions as an urban laboratory that inspires Mariana to find new ways to configure dwellings. With the guidance and mentorship of Tara Baker, Mariana continues to work on honing her skills as a professional and hopes to make a positive difference in design and architecture.

Simone Hoehne Barakat

Simone has over 10 years of experience in interior design, kitchen design and architectural drafting, both in manufacturing and sales. A German expatriate, Simone earned an Interior Design Degree followed by a Business Degree from the Fachschule des Moebelhandels Koeln, Germany. Motivated to learn about practices across the sea, Simone relocated to the United States and attended the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Interior Design. Simone blends the influence of old world sensibility with a passion for urban technique. She believes that an exchange through the process of communication and collaboration, through talking about what inspires you, will make your space the center that reflects your unique personality.

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